Team Match Play

Flight 3

All Play is from the

White Markers @MC

Blue Markers @SR

Handicaps:  All players will play at 80% of course handicap (see table below)


Handicaps will be based on the lowest handicap of the 4 players

- regardless of which team that player is on. 


For example:  Player A has a handicap of 5; Player B has a handicap of 8; Player C has a handicap of 10; Player D has a handicap of 15. Since Player A is the lowest, he will play at scratch; Player B's handicap will be 3; Player C's handicap will be 5; Player D's handicap will be 10.


Strokes are used on the hardest handicap holes.

Playoff Procedure (in the event of a tie)

  • Since the courses have been generally booked for the entire day, it will be difficult to go back on the course to have a playoff

  • Before teeing off, both teams MUST agree to a playoff procedure - putt off, chip off, score of hardest handicap hole, coin flip, etc