Team Match Play

Round 1

Must be completed

May 1 - June 6

Sign Up Begins: 

April 10

Sign Up Deadline: 

April 25

Format:  2-Man Team Match Play

  • Sign Ups:

    • All Sign Ups must be done @Saddle Rock   OR   via PayPal

    • Entry fee:  $50 per Team (No Premier Cards can be used)

    • Green fees will be paid when the match is played

  • There will up to 3 Flights formed  (depending of the number of entries)

  • Flights will be determined by the Team's combined USGA handicaps 

  • It is the teams' responsibility to set up the tee times for each match

  • Matches may be played at either Saddle Rock or Murphy Creek  -  agreed upon by both teams 

  • Matches CANNOT be played during a regular Men's Club tournament

  • The team who wins four matches will be declared the winner (See payouts below)

  • All winnings will go into the player's credit book

  • This tournament's results will be applied to Player Points and Money Winnings






Based upon full flights

Handicaps Used:

  • All players will play at 80% of course handicap (see table below)

  • Handicaps will based upon the lowest handicap of the 4 players - regardless of which team that player is on. 

    • For example:  Player A has a handicap of 5; Player B has a handicap of 8; Player C has a handicap of 10; Player D has a handicap of 15. Since Player A is the lowest, he will play at scratch; Player B's handicap will be 3; Player C's handicap will be 5; Player D's handicap will be 10. Strokes are used on the hardest handicap holes.

    • In the event that there is a tie at the end of 18 holes, the handicap strokes will be still be used on the hardest handicap holes



  • All players will play from the White Markers @Murphy Creek

  • All players will play from the Blue Markers @Saddle Rock


Tournament Directions:

  • ALL matches must be completed by the indicated deadlines  -  NO EXCEPTIONS






  • DO NOT wait until the last minute to schedule your match


Playoff Procedure (in the event of a tie)

  • Since the courses have been generally booked for the entire day, it will be difficult to go back on the course to have a playoff

  • Before teeing off, both teams MUST agree to a playoff procedure - putt off, chip off, score of hardest handicap hole, coin flip, etc



  • Once the match has been completed, the winning team MUST inform Daryl via e-mail ( of the results as soon as match is completed

  • The winners are responsible for setting up the next match

  • Check the website for results and phone numbers








Complete By

June 20

July 25

August 29

September 26


Round 3 Loser                2nd Place                     Winner

$100 per Team            $200 per Team           $300 per Team