2-Man Scramble

Saturday - September 19

Murphy Creek

1st Tee Time:  8:00

Sign Up Begins: 

September 5

Sign Up Deadline: 

September 13

Order of Flights





Format:  2-Man Scramble

  • Four flights being formed by total combined USGA handicaps

  • Players may pick their own partner or a player may sign-up as a single, and a partner will be selected for him 

  • The team with Lowest Net Score in each flight wins.


Handicaps Used:

  • Each team's handicap will be the total of the 2 players' handicaps using 20% of each player's handicap



  • Each Team must use 6 Red Tee Markers

  • Each Team must use 6 White Tee Markers

  • Each Team must use 6 Blue Tee Markers


Tournament Directions:

  • Each team must use at least 6 tee shots from each player

  • Record which player's tee ball was used.  (Mark an "X" next to player's name)

  • Record which tee marker was used

  • If a team consists of only 1 player, the player can hit 2 balls each time or play 1 ball  OR   get a raincheck for the tournament (The 1 player will be allowed to hit 2 tee balls on 12 holes and only 1 tee ball on the other 6 holes)

  • Both players are allowed to lift, clean, and place their ball within 12 inches of the chosen shot, keeping the ball in same condition as the original ball (sand trap, rough, fairway, fringe of green, etc.) 

  • Both players will play from the chosen position - Be careful not to tap in a putt before both players have putted 

  • Record the Team's Gross Score for each hole 



  • Total the Team's Gross Score

  • Total the Team's Net-Score

  • The Team's Net Score will be used to determine the winner

Optional Skins Game:

  • Team Skins:  $20.00 per team 

    • Skins will be based on the Team's Gross Score for each hole











Rounds are to be completed by the time indicated on the scorecard


Write down time on Yellow Timesheet at the completion of #15 holes (#16 Tee Box)

Time-Stamp Yellow Timesheet at the completion of #9 and #18 holes

(Before Totaling Scores)