General Info

  • The Saddle Rock-Murphy Creek Men's Club will be a joint membership at both courses.  Tournaments will be held at alternating courses throughout the season on Saturday and Sunday.  All members will designate Saddle Rock as his home course.

Pace of Play Policy -

Your position on the golf course is directly behind the group in front of you
NOT directly in front of the group behind you! 


  • All scorecards MUST be time-stamped at the completion of Hole 9 and Hole 18, before totaling scores

  • All scorecards MUST have written times entered at the completion of #15 (clock is on #16 tee)

  • Monitor your pace with the clocks on #4 tee, #8 tee, #12 tee, and #16 tee

  • All groups are expected to finish the front nine in 2:20 and finish the back nine in 4:45

  • All members of any group that finishes the front nine in 2:22 or more AND is 12 minutes or more behind the group directly in front of them will be assessed a 1-stroke penalty. If the penalized group finishes the back nine 11 minutes or less behind the group in front of them OR under 4:46, the penalty will be withdrawn. 

  • All members of any group that finishes the eighteen holes in 4:46 or more AND is 12 minutes of more behind the group directly in front of them will be assessed a 1-stroke penalty

  • The 1st two groups MUST finish in 4:45 or better, or each player will be assessed the above penalties.

  • After a player has been assessed a penalty in 2 tournaments, that player will be assessed additional penalties thereafter.

  • Each member of the group is responsible for maintaining a proper Pace of Play

  • Tournament results will not be official until the Pace of Play is reviewed.



  • Any Men's Club member exhibiting any physical or verbal abuse to golf course personnel; tournament officials and/or fellow members may be subject to disqualification and forfeiture of membership 


Tournament Entry Procedures

  • Members can sign-up at the Tournament Golf Shop  OR  

    • Members may sign-up online through the website via PayPal, by 6:00 p.m. of the Sunday prior to the tournament. 

  • Members who purchase a green fee at the Golf Shop must do so in person (or have a friend do it for you), print your first and last name, and record the receipt number next to the entry on the sign-up sheet.  

  • DO NOT call the Golf Shop to sign up! 

  • NO telephone entries will be accepted 

  • After a tournament is filled  OR  the Sunday deadline has come, a waiting list will be started

  • Entrants on the waiting list will be accepted as space in their flight becomes available 

  • New members, without an established USGA handicap, may play in a tournament, but will not be eligible for any winnings until they have posted at least five (5) 18-hole scores

No-Shows – Cancellations 

  • No Shows or Cancellations cause tournament problems.

  • If you need to withdraw from a tournament, you MUST contact Daryl Fengler (via e-mail by 6:00 p.m. of the Tuesday of the week of the tournament so pairings can be adjusted

  • Please show consideration for your fellow partners (especially in team events)

  • Failure to do so will result in loss of green fee 



  • The Saddle Rock-Murphy Creek Men's Club will not tolerate inflated handicaps (sandbagging)

  • All 18-hole scores must be posted in the handicap computer or GHIN's mobile app.

  • Saddle Rock will be designed as the home course for handicap purposes

  • Qualifying tournament scores will be posted by the tournament committee

  • The Men's Club Handicap Committee will, by authority of the United States Golf Association, reduce the handicap of a player whose scores are much better in competitions than in informal games. A player's handicap shall be reduced when competition scores show a handicap obviously too high for the individual's ability

  • Any member who intentionally alters his handicap through the computer system will not be allowed to participate in any further tournaments and all dues money collected will be forfeited. The Handicap Committee's decision will be final


Tournament Tee Times

  • Members may get their tee times by going online through the website; OR

    • By calling the Golf Shop on the Wednesday prior to the tournament.

  • There appears to be many members with the same last names. Please be sure to clearly identify yourself on the phone when inquiring about your tee time

  • Flights will be rotated during the season so everyone will be able to have prime tee times

  • Golfers must play within their flights during the tournaments

  • DO NOT request specific tee times. NO Exceptions!!!

  • Check the website Wednesday morning

  • Please do not call the Golf Shop until Wednesday


Starting Times

  • A player is expected to be Teeing Off on the 1st tee at his assigned starting time - NOT going to the tee

  • The player WILL NOT be notified by the P.A. system of his starting time

  • If a player arrives late, but within 5 minutes of his assigned starting time, he shall receive a 2-stroke penalty or loss of hole (match play)

  • A player arriving more than 5 minutes late will be disqualified

  • Best-ball players arriving late may join their partner(s) at the start of any hole without penalty

  • Scramble players may join their group at the start of any hole without penalty

  • Clocks will be provided on the driving range and practice putting green


Posting Scores

  • The Tournament Committee will be responsible for posting qualifying tournament scores into the handicap system

  • Each member MUST post all "casual" round scores throughout the season


Scorecard Playoff Procedures (1st Place Ties Only)

  • Lowest total score for the last nine holes;

  • If the tying players have the same total score for the last nine holes, the winner is determined on the basis of the total score of the last six holes; then, the total score of the last three holes; and finally the score of the 18th hole

  • If the players are still tied, the winner is determined on the basis of the total score for the first nine holes; then, the total score of the last six of the first nine holes; then, the total score of the last three holes of the first nine holes; and finally the score of the 9th hole

  • If the players are still tied, the result will be officially a tie

Tournament Winnings Information


Gift Certificates - Prize Redemption

  • Prize money for golf tournaments will be returned to the player in the form of merchandise credit

  • A credit book at each golf shop will list all player's winnings and transactions

  • All monies can be used at any Aurora golf course OR can be carried over to the following year



  • Each tournament will have a Closest-to-the-Hole contest on each par 3

  • All players will compete on the par 3's

  • Winners will receive a $25 merhandise credit



  • Each tournament will have a Closest-Second-Shot contest on two designated par 4 holes

  • All players will compete on the two designated par 4's

  • Winners will receive a $25 merhandise credit 


Hole-In-One Pot 

  • Entry is optional:  $10 entry (one-time entry good for the entire season)

  • Any player who has entered the Hole-in-One Pot  and gets a hole-in-one during a Men's Club weekend tournament will divide the pot equally with any other player who may get a Hole-in -One

  • If there is no Hole-in-One, 15 names (from those players who entered) will be randomly drawn dividing the pot equally.


Optional Skins Game

  • Each tournament will offer a skins game

  • Entry is optional -- $10.00 per player per tournament

  • For flighted tournaments, there will be a skins game for each flight

  • A skin will be won if it is the lowest score on a hole --- No ties!

  • Skins will be paid in cash - can be picked up at the next tournament

  • If no skins are recorded in a tournament/flight, each entrant will receive credit on account in the Golf Shop