Inter Club

-  Saddle Rock-Murphy Creek Men's Interclub  -

  • Our Interclub policy is to maximize player participation.  We want as many players playing in the Team Interclub Competition as possible. So once you have played in a match, priority will be given to a player who has not yet had a chance to play.  If we cannot fill each match’s roster with new players, we will permit a player to play in more than one match

  • The days and dates will be established at an April meeting with the other clubs in our section, and will be published here as soon as they are set

  • The clubs in our section are: SRMC Men's Club; South Suburban; Ridge at Castle Pines; and Common Ground


If you are interested in representing SRMC in this year's InterClub Competition
contact Patrick Horvath and Craig Stephenson --
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2021 Schedule

  • The regular season consists of three home-and-away matches played on the same day

  • 1st Match - TBD

  • 2nd Match - TBD

  • 3rd Match - TBD


Playoff Season

  • The statewide Interclub competition involves 8 to 16 groups of four teams from all over the state.  At the conclusion of all three matches in July, the team with the most total points from each group will advance to the statewide playoffs.  Playoffs will begin in August

  • Teams will have 3 weeks to complete each playoff match



  • The Championship match will be held at Common Ground Golf Course

  • The date will be determined by the teams competing in the final match



  • A team will consist of 8 players plus alternates

  • 4 players will travel for each match; 4 players will play at home

  • A club is not required to have a set team roster and may substitute players throughout the season

  • There is no limit as to number of players who may be used during the season; if they meet all of the eligibility requirements


Player Eligibility

  • Players must be amateurs in good standing; must have an established Handicap Index with the club they wish to represent as of May 1, 2019; must maintain that handicap throughout the Team Interclub season;, and must be at least 18 years old prior to the start of a match.

  • Players will play to the lowest handicap index they have attained in the past 12 months (To determine your low index, go to, enter your ghin number, and then read the index number under the Low H.I. column on the far right when your handicap record pops up.)

  • The highest index permitted for Team Interclub play is 20.0. Players with a Low Index  higher than 20.0 will be allowed to playdown to an 20.0 to become eligible


Type of Competition

  • Each team of 8 players will be divided into two flights of four players by handicap.  Two players from each flight will play at the home course and two at the away course for each match.

  • All matches will be contested under match play rules

  • A team of 2 players from each flight will play the opponent’s team of 2 players from the same flight at each course in a net four-ball match (better-ball of partners)

  • At the same time as the four-ball match, each team member in a foursome will play an individual net match against one of the opposing players in that foursome

  • Each match will be worth 2 points, for a total of 6 points per group

  • Points will be awarded as follows: 2 for a win; 1 for a tie; 0 for a loss


Flight Requirements

  • During the Team Interclub season including regular season matches, playoff matches, and finals, all teams must be created using the following flight format:

  • 4 "A"players (Low Index of 9.9 and under)

  • 4 "B" players (Low Index between 10.0 - 20.0)

  • Players may play down to a lower index in order to become eligible for a lower flight